Norway’s Avinor Air Navigation Services has signed a framework agreement with Indra to provide the support needed for the deployment of the latter’s interoperability through European Collaboration (iTEC) air traffic management (ATM) system.

Rafael Gallego, Director General of Indra, explains, “iTEC is a new and very advanced air traffic control system designed to meet the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM R&D) requirements of the European Commission and we are very satisfied that Avinor, as member of the iTEC Alliance, has decided to use iTEC technology as the basis for its operational systems.”

The development of the system is the result of a close collaboration started in 2007 between the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) of the United Kingdom (NATS), Germany (DFS) and Spain (ENAIRE), with Indra as the technology partner. In 2011, the Dutch ANSP, LVNL, joined the alliance; Avinor joined in 2016; and Poland's PANSA and Lithuania's Oro Navigacija joined in 2017.

Within the iTEC Alliance, Avinor will collaborate closely with NATS, its UK counterpart. Both are part of the same ‘System Group’, which means that they will share development costs.

The initial contract under the framework agreement between Indra and Avinor covers Indra's supply of an iTEC training Platform to enable air traffic controllers to familiarize themselves with the iTEC ATM system. In addition, the contract will enable the development of the detailed requirements of the systems to be implemented in the Avinor ANS control centers.

Anders Kirsebom, CEO of Avinor Air Navigation Services, commented, “This initial contract is an important first stage towards nationwide deployment of our new air traffic management system by mid-2022, enabling us to provide the best possible services to our customers at the lowest possible price.”

Indra has been supplying systems for the Automation of Air Traffic Control to Avinor since the 1990s, both for control centers and for the Control Tower at Gardermoen Airport. Also, Indra's Norwegian subsidiary, Indra Navia, is the supplier of "Remote Control Towers" systems for Avinor.