In August 2017, students will experience the first class on the joint Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree program in Aviation Management from the West Virginia University Institute of Technology (WVU Tech) and FlightSafety International.

WVU Techʼs curriculum is delivered online so students can learn remotely while also entering the FlightSafety Academyʼs professional pilot training program in Vero Beach, Florida, with the ability to become certified in single and multi-engine aircraft to the commercial pilot level.

Prospective candidates who already hold pilot certifications can join the program and receive credit for those qualifications, provided they meet certain conditions.

The program then gives students the opportunity to work as an instructor at FlightSafety Academy upon graduation. This lets them gain the necessary 1,500 hours of flight experience now required by most airlines to get hired.

Participants in the program will also have access to FlightSafetyʼs Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program, which is conducted at the companyʼs Learning Centres around the US.