EDM has produced an infographic about the cabin crew sector using information from leading industry sources, which estimate that between 2016 and 2035, the aviation industry will see the need for 814,000 new cabin crew.

The company visulaises Boeing's prediction that the biggest demand in the Asia Pacific region, which could need up to 298,000 cabin crew over the next few decades, followed by North America with 169,000. EDM estimates the lowest demand for cabin crew will be in Africa and the CIS regions, which will only require 27,000 and 26,000 respectively.

One of the driving forces visualised by EDM is IATA's estimate that annual aircraft passenger journeys could grow to 7 billion by 2035, acknowledging, however, that this relies on the relaxation of existing regulations. The infographic also lists EDM's data on the airlines with the highest number of cabin crew working today. American Airlines is leading by a long way with 25,000, followed by United Airlines with 19,000. European carriers Lufthansa and British Airways are also in the top five, both currently employing around 15,000 cabin crew.

“We continually research the major trends taking place within the aviation industry to help us maintain our competitive edge,” highlighted Tony Bermingham, Managing Director of EDM. “We wanted to share some of our findings with the wider airline community and hope that civil aviation professionals around the world will find our infographic useful.”