BAA Training has gained an approval from the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) to provide ATR 42/72 type rating training and full flight simulator (FFS) dry or wet lease services for Tanzanian aviation companies at its facility in Vienna, Austria.

Inspectors from the TCAA audited BAA Training’s headquarters, infrastructure and network of instructors. They also visited the ATR 42/72 FFS in Vienna to make sure the training device meets all aviation training requirements. BAA Training says close to 1,000 hours on ATR 42/72 FFS’s were used during 2016.

“TCAA approval helps to support the further development of Tanzanian airlines and pilots by providing easier access to advanced aviation training,” explained Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO of BAA Training. “This will allow pilots to receive critical training in Europe with a network of highly trusted instructors, reliable training and cost-effective solutions.”

BAA Training has been successfully operating within the African market for over five years.