Héli-Union Training Center (HUTC) has received certification for its entrol H135 T2+ FTD Level 2 simulator.

As a result, HUTC's simulator training program is now enhanced with credits for QT H135 VFR / IR and TRI H135 courses, which the company will offer alongside its existing CPL, IR and MCC training.

The H135 T2+ FTD Level 2 simulator is equipped with a spherical visual system and a vibration system that allows pilots to feel the effects of a vortex ring, turbulence or ground contact in the cockpit. It is also equipped with a 3-axis autopilot, ACAS, weather radar and dual GTN 750 to provide performance-based navigation (PBN) training.

Another key feature of the simulator is its high-resolution database of the southwest of France and Angoulême, which provides satellite imagery of oil rigs, boats, detailed mountain areas and hospitals.

Hervé Maugis, Deputy Director of HUTC, commented, “We are very happy with our decision to contract entrol for the development of our simulator, which is a key-factor in our business development. We are convinced that FTDs are the perfect tool for training light and even medium-size helicopters.

“From an ATO perspective, it was essential to get the purchased tool delivered on time, fully compliant with the real aircraft specifications and, moreover, with a high degree of reliability.

“From a human point of view, the mutual trust we established with the commercial and technical staff of entrol and their reactivity in terms of settling the bugs inherent to all simulator developments reinforced our belief in this emergent but high-performance simulator manufacturer,” Maugis continued. “Nobody knows the future, but it is very likely that our relationship with entrol will continue beyond this project.”