Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS) has had its DC-3 simulator certified by the Dutch CAA as an FNPT-II (equivalent to FAA level 5) after working closely with the Dutch Dakota Association (DDA) to make it as realistic as possible.

MPS has also been granted operator status for the device, meaning pilots can be trained on it at the company’s premises in Groenekan, the Netherlands. The simulator is the only fixed-base DC-3 simulator in the world and is named after Prince Bernhard, who flew a lot with his own aircraft of the same type.

A real Dakota cockpit, dating back to 1945, was used as the basis of the simulator, which contains many original parts. MPS simulated the flight model and the operation of the systems using advanced computer models and measurements of actual flights with a DC-3.

Tom van Hoorn, DDA’s Chief Flight Instructor, commented, “We are pleased that the DC-3 simulator is certified by the Dutch CAA and can now be officially used for training. The simulator has a very high training value for us and for the many existing Dakota operators in the world. We look forward to training our pilots on the MPS simulator.”

“It is an important milestone for us to get our DC-3 simulator certified,” stated Dick Verburg, President & CEO of MPS. “We are delighted to have obtained operator status as well and we’d like to thank the DDA and our sponsors for the effective and close cooperation to achieve this.”

Earlier this year, it was announced that Dakota Norway signed a contract to receive training on MPS' existing DC-3 simulator.