CPaT Global has released its enhanced General Subjects Library, including upgraded graphics, interactive user interfaces and in-depth current content compliant to FAA and EASA standards and ICAO regulations.

Kris Wadenpfuhl, the company’s Director of Curriculum Development, stated, “As airlines embrace eLearning, it is imperative to utilise advanced methods that best promote the effective transfer of knowledge. CPaT has invested in this philosophy and employs experienced instructional designers to work alongside our industry-leading team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) in developing CPaT’s General Subjects courseware library.”

The General Subjects Library now includes courseware on topics including, but not limited to adverse weather, contaminated runways, de-icing and anti-icing procedures, operations in cold weather, thunderstorm avoidance, controlled flight into terrain, ETOPS, fatigue risk management, GPS, high altitude and rapid decompression, and many more.

Kris Wadenpfuhl joined CPaT Global in August 2017.