Transport Canada has awarded CAE’s Boeing 737MAX 7000XR Series full-flight simulator (FFS) and CAE 500XR Series flight training device (FTD) with an interim Level C qualification.

The FFS and FTD are the world's first airline-operated simulators for the 737MAX aircraft and are currently located at Air Canada's training centre in Toronto.

“The Interim Level C qualification of our 737MAX FFS from CAE has been granted for one year, which is a testament to the stability of the training simulator as well as the motion and visual systems' realism,” said Bruce Campbell, Director of Training and Safety, Air Canada. "We greatly value the complementarity of CAE's training equipment portfolio, from the flight training device to the full-flight simulator.”

“Achieving qualification of the world's first airline operated full-flight simulator marks an important milestone, which highlights CAE's technology leadership and the many years of collaborative efforts with our longstanding partners," said Nick Leontidis, CAE's Group President, Civil Aviation Training Solutions. "This also represents the first delivery of 12 Boeing 737MAX FFS' already on order with airlines around the world.”