Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS) has upgraded a Boeing 737 FTD-1 simulator at Ryanair’s training centre in Stansted to FTD-2 which has now been certified by the UK CAA.

Ryanair’s Head of Training, Captain Andy O’Shea, commented, “We are pleased with the successful qualification of our first MPS FTD-2. MPS devices have proven to be very effective in our Enhanced MCC training programs and also in our Boeing 737 NG Type Rating Courses. Following clarification of relevant regulation and completion of ongoing EASA Rule Making Tasks, we anticipate that the higher level FTD 2 qualification will enable us to use the devices in our Recurrent Training programs and Mixed Implementation of Baseline Evidence Based Training in 2018.”

“We were excited to field upgrade one of our FTD-1 simulators to FTD-2 for Ryanair,” stated Dick Verburg, Chief Executive Officer at Multi Pilot Simulations. “We expect that our FTD-2 will provide credits for some parts of the recurrent training.”

MPS can upgrade an FTD-1 in the field to FTD-2 level in one day.

In other recent news, MPS has received certification for the first ever fixed-base DC-3 simulator.