Norway-based Pilot Flight Academy (PFA) has ordered two new DA42 NG simulators from Diamond Aircraft in Austria to meet the growing demand for new airline pilots.

PFA’s CEO, Frode Granlund, commented, “These simulators are a part of our long-term strategy and expansion plan. We have invested highly in people and good administrative systems to be able to educate larger groups of future airline pilots. Currently, we have 150 students on the integrated pilot education and we are planning to double that number to 300 students in the next two years. We found that the simulators from Diamond Aircraft Austria are the best copy of the real aircraft, and that the pricing and support they offer is absolutely competitive.” "We have been a partner of PFA for the last three years and delivered a big fleet of DA40 NG and DA42-VI aircraft to Norway,” explained Diamond Aircraft’s Sales Director, Amila Spiegel. “It makes us proud to see that PFA has chosen Diamond Aircraft simulators which are made from real aircraft parts, in order to complete their flight training concept.”

PFA recently announced a partnership with Dhana-based Chimes Aviation to address a potential pilot shortage in India.