43 Air School, the largest aviation training provider in South Africa, is to use MOMook software to manage its pilot training processes.

MOMook’s aviation training management system has been designed to enable a smoother workflow by improving training scheduling, document management and expiration tracking, the student evaluation process for flight instructors, and the overall quality of the Learning Management System and Training Management System experience for both parties.

“Over the past 28 years 43 Air School has professionally trained over 5000 pilots in total, so effective management solutions that can help handle complex and large-scale training processes are very important. We were looking for a proper tool to make daily training operations smoother and more efficient, thus, MOMook came as a right solution for us,” commented Attie Niemann, CEO of 43 Air School.

Simas Godovan, CTO at MOMook, said, “A number of meetings and discussions with the company clearly showed that replacing their current solution with MOMook is a big step in supporting their growth. Having the responsibility to take care of one of the largest training providers in South Africa creates an obligation for us to maintain the top quality of services and broadens our vision in what is required to build the next ‘number one’ aviation training management software.”

The MOMook team is already expanding the company’s server capabilities with a new location in Cape Town and Johannesburg to ensure the best experience for end users.