During Halldale Media’s 2017 European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) event in Berlin, SIMORG launched ‘eXperience as a Service’ (eXaaS), a new end-to-end software solution aimed at integrating and managing all departments within a simulator training centre.

The concept was borne out of the company’s ten years of experience in aviation training operations. Rather than a conventional cloud-based software solution, eXaaS offers a continuous improvement in aviation safety by gathering, analysing and conveying information in a systematic way in co-ordination with rule-making bodies, simulator manufacturers and OEMs.

The software can create a dashboard and reports on audits and inspections as well as more general evaluation. It covers interruption monitoring, FSTD software configuration, FSTD maintenance, planning and scheduling, defect management, QTG tracking, corrective action management, controlled document management, a shift-change notebook, spare parts management and ADS-B tracking.