West Star Aviation has teamed up with Colorado, US-based Careerwise to establish a long-term apprenticeship programme which will begin in August 2018.

As part of Colorado’s state-wide Careerwise initiative aiming to address the lack of competencies needed for skilled trade positions, West Star Aviation has agreed to employ a minimum of five apprentices each year for three years.

The apprenticeship will provide impactful training, development opportunities, business coaching and consideration for full-time employment when the duration of the apprenticeship is complete.

Their initial plan is to hire two apprentices, one for aviation technology and the other for paint, with the official number of open apprentice positions at the company due to be decided by 1 December 2017. West Star Aviation expects to open an additional 14 apprentice spots for 2018.

“There is a growing need for new trade and skill development, especially in aviation, and there is a lack of trade schools for aircraft maintenance and paint, so if we can train students interested in the aviation market, we can take them to whatever level we want or need them to be at,” said Katie Johnson, Director of Human Resources for West Star Aviation. “Working side by side with a West Star expert will help our apprentices develop the fundamental skills while still in school, and continue to develop their passion for aviation.”