ACS Flight Training has launched a Fast Track Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) modular course using a DA42 Twinstar aircraft and Alsim AL42 simulator at its Perth Airport base in Scotland.

The course consists of seven flight and ground based training modules that incorporate the training required for the issue of a frozen ATPL.

ACS Flight Training is the first in Scotland to offer the Multi Engine class rating and Multi Engine Instrument Rating using a combination of the DA42 Twinstar aircraft and the Alsim AL42 flight simulator. Craig McDonald, Director of ACS Aviation, commented, “As the pilot training industry is evolving, so is the hardware. We made the decision to invest in these new aircraft to ensure we are offering our students the best equipment in the industry, which enables them to achieve their licences in the most efficient manner both in cost and time. Utilising these aircraft and simulators also better prepares our student pilots for progression into the airline industry. ”