Simhawk Inc. has added a chat functionality to its global flight simulator marketplace and extended the deadline for its Annual Simulator Training Survey.

The new chat functionality allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly via Simhawk to seek additional details regarding requests and proposals that are submitted using its marketplace. Users can respond directly via email as well as via the marketplace and both buyers and sellers can use the functionality to chat with the Simhawk team.

“Customers looking for simulator time or training no longer need to search the internet or other sources to try to identify possible simulator or training providers and then try to figure out who to contact there,” said Chris Weinberg, the company's CEO. “With over 93% of the global simulator fleet on Simhawk, our platform eliminates all these hassles by giving buyers the ability to search for availability and communicate with sellers around the world in one easy place.”

Elsewhere, based on feedback from respondents, Simhawk has extended the deadline for its Annual Simulator Training Survey to 15 December. The survey is open to all flight operations and individuals that utilise flight simulators for training. The results will be made available to participants in early 2018.

The company also launched a new search tool in October 2017.