Together with its partner ‘The Little Engineer’, the Airbus Foundation has launched the Airbus Little Engineer (ALE) robotics programme in India.

Contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Quality Education’, the initiative aims to encourage students between 10 and 16 years old to understand technology and develop an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers.

As a part of the programme, Airbus volunteers and teachers at the Christel House Learning Center in Bengaluru conducted a two-day workshop with 60 students, who were introduced to the process of assembling an A380 aircraft (pictured).

They were exposed to the complexities of managing resources and planning logistics. When assembling the aircraft, the students had to programme it with their own algorithm for manoeuvring it on the tarmac and subsequent take-off. Charles Champion, EVP Engineering at Airbus, joined the students in the workshop.

Champion explained, “Airbus believes that developing talent is critical to the future growth of aviation. The Airbus Little Engineer programme is a direct reflection of Airbus’ efforts to contribute to the regional community and instill a passion for science and technology at an early age.”

The programme launched in Africa earlier this year. Since its launch in 2012, ALE has reached over 3,000 students worldwide.