Novair Education has been chosen to deliver Sea Survival training to over 200 cabin crew as part of their initial training with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). The company’s Sea Survival training is performed in cooperation with the rescue leaders at Stockholm Arlanda Airport at Halmsjön, a lake close to the airport. The training takes place on the lake no matter what the weather is like, supporting Novair Education’s motto to give the students training which is ‘as real as it gets.’ Topics covered during the training include the theory of cold water survival, crowd control in water and knowledge of the raft and its equipment as well as the life vest components. At the time of writing, Novair Education has completed two sessions of Sea Survival training for SAS cabin crew, each with 20 participants at a time. A further 200 are expected to undergo training throughout 2018. As a Swedish company, Novair Education is thrilled to be working with the flag carrier of Scandinavia.