TRU Simulation + Training (TRU) has signed an agreement to provide Copa Airlines with a Boeing 737 MAX full flight simulator (FFS) at its Panama training centre.

As a variant of the MAX series, the 737 MAX FFS will be configured as the 737 MAX 9 platform. This simulator marks the fourth device TRU has delivered to Copa Airlines’ training centre, which already operates two 737 Next Generation (NG) FFSs and an FFT-X.

TRU is a preferred supplier to Boeing, so Copa Airlines will benefit from the experience TRU has gained during its development programme for the OEM. The carrier has adopted TRU’s ‘Train@Home’ model, which was designed to provide savings on the cost of pilot training operations.

“TRU is excited to partner once again with Copa Airlines to provide an industry-leading training solution to their fast-growing pilot team. We are very pleased to see the continued success, safety and cost benefits the 737 NG FFS has brought to their training programme,” commented George Karam, Vice-President and General Manager of TRU’s Air Transport Simulation Division.

“Copa Airlines trusts the high-fidelity training products and support provided by members of the TRU Simulation + Training team. It is great to work with TRU again as they provide us this 737-9 device,” said Captain Pedro Herrera, Copa Airlines’ Training Senior Manager. “When working with TRU, the end result is always well-prepared pilots who provide a top-notch, reliable flight experience to our customers.”