Lithuania-based BAA Training has become a distributor of V-Prep’s online visual training system, offering pilots who sign up through them a discounted annual subscription.

Chief Executive of V-Prep Captain James Feeney spent the last two years working with a team of specialists to perfect the system, which was created to supplement traditional Airbus A320 training solutions such as text book learning and time in flight simulators.

Officially launched this summer, V-Prep combines 3D affects, cockpit video footage and voiceover explanations to cover more than 100 different briefing presentations for the A320. These include normal procedures, abnormal and emergency procedures, supplementary training and flight control laws and protection.

Feeney, who has flown Boeing and Airbus aircraft for 23 years and has taught and examined pilots on the A320 for the decade, commented, “BAA Training are one of the biggest aviation training centres in Europe and to be working with them to get our product out there is fantastic. This is the first commercial training organisation we have signed up and we are hoping as a result lots more will follow. In the short-term, hundreds of pilots will benefit, and long-term we are looking at thousands.”

“As an aviation training centre, we seek not only the best quality of the training, but also the innovative approach to the delivery of the training. Therefore, cooperation with V-Prep is a natural result of that. We encourage the idea of realistic training, designed using the latest technology, that is accessible online,” explained Martynas Mazeika, TRTO Department Director at BAA Training.