Since May 2017, Pelesys has been acting as the exclusive global representative for Virtual eTraining’s 360˚ virtual development platform,

Virtual eTraining describes Taggis as a cloud-based authoring platform that enables companies and e-learning providers without any prior programming skills to easily create interactive 360° virtual training environments populated with rich media hotspots.

The company says a course module created using Taggis can be exported to SCORM and integrated with most Learning Management Systems (LMS) on the market. Uniquely, the solutions produced can also be experienced using virtual reality goggles, such as Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard.

The solution was created in response to airline demand for a cloud-based authoring platform that allows them to develop their own eLearning material which includes interactive visual content such as videos, stills, PDFs and 360 images. If they didn’t want to spend time and money enlisting a third party provider, says Patrick Sävström, Managing Director of Virtual eTraining, airlines would previously have had to resort to Microsoft PowerPoint, which is unable to track user interactions.

The first Beta version of Taggis was presented by Pelesys during Halldale Media’s World Aviation Training Symposium earlier this year. Since then, Norwegian has been assisting Virtual eTraining with its beta testing. Sävström says this has helped the company stay focused on what's important for its target audience, and the Taggis platform is now used by several major airlines.

Virtual eTraining’s partnership with Pelesys is the first major collaboration surrounding Taggis and includes the marketing of online training solutions for pilots, cabin crew, maintenance personnel and ground handling staff across the commercial aviation industry.