A new solution from CEFA Aviation, CEFA Aviation Mobile Services (AMS), delivers feedback to aircrews right after landing using a tablet with a secure internet connection to depict selected flight segments.

CEFA AMS converts wireless Flight Data Recorder (FDR) data into a realistic animation in less than 10 minutes after landing. The animations feature highly detailed representations of the cockpit as well as high-resolution real-world terrain and airport databases. The aircrew can see the same view as they did from the aircraft cockpit together with simultaneous views from outside the aircraft (typically a forward-looking view from the tail and a side view).

“This new capability can transform pilot training,” stated Dominique Mineo, CEFA Aviation’s Founder and CEO. “Each flight becomes a training opportunity. CEFA AMS enables the pilot to replay and reflect on events that just happened during the flight. The animation facilitates knowledge exchange between crew members and allows pilots to benchmark against their own performances. Flight visualisation leads to improved safety and reduces airline cost by making training available anywhere, anytime.”

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has been trialling CEFA AMS for several months with about 3000 pilots, and so far, feedback has apparently been positive. The Japanese call the concept ‘Furikaeri,’ or ‘looking back into one’s behaviour.’ Hideo Morioka, who’s in charge of Safety Promotion and Flight Data Analysis for ANA, says the airline “envisions a world where each pilot explores safety and improves his or her skills.”

CEFA AMS is currently available for all commercial aircraft types, including the Airbus A320NEO and A350, Boeing 737 MAX and 787, Bombardier C Series and Embraer E-Jet E2.