Flamingo Air’s Airline Ground School is now offering an aircraft electrician course which is fully accredited by the National Center for Aerospace Technology and Training (NCATT) and American Standards Training and Materials (ASTM).

Taking place at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio in the US, the course will cover topics such as basic wiring, harness building and avionics installation and removal. It will result in a technician being fully qualified to carry out the basic duties of an aviation electronics worker.

President of Flamingo Air, David MacDonald, said, “As with just about every aspect of the aviation world, trained avionics technicians are in short supply. This course provides the basic skills necessary to function in the world of electronics. And, it is not just avionics. This course can prepare a student for entry-level acceptance into the electronic field of everything from elevators to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).”