Flight Simulator Center (FSC) has released a new version of its Multi Type General-Aviation Simulator (M.T.G.S.) designed for colleges and flight schools.

A turnkey device for familiarisation with Glass Cockpit and VFR flights, the system is provided with extremely detailed sceneries of the whole Italian territory and its 50 major airports as well as other major European airports, each with a photo-realistic surrounding area of approximately 50 km (+/- 25km).

A wireless tablet acts as an Advanced Operation Panel (A.O.P.) that provides information and allows immediate access to the main functions of the simulator itself. Running proprietary software developed by FSC, some of the functions include choosing an airport and changing the weather situation or fuel level.

Elsewhere, customers can now choose from two types of rudder pedals – the Passive Version with hydraulic damper system or the Dynamic Control Loading Version. In the latter version, the control forces realistically correspond to those of the simulated aeroplane as well as changing according to an increase or decrease in aircraft speed.

The M.T.G.S. features configurable flight controls which allow it to simulate different aircrafts, from single-engine types to those with four engines. It also benefits from an optional Instructor’s Operating Station and iPad connectivity for use with ForeFlight and other aviation applications.