Pacific Sky Aviation, the sister company of Viking Air Limited, has received Level D certification from Transport Canada for its Series 400 Twin Otter full flight simulator (FFS).

The FFS provides instructors with the ability to programme training events from any airport or GPS location, a valuable feature for customers operating from remote locations or conducting special operations unique to the Twin Otter.

Furthermore, the Series 400 Twin Otter FFS is the first of its kind to offer seaplane training options using the same Level D capability, allowing Twin Otter seaplane pilots the opportunity to safely practice take-offs and landings in a range of sea states, winds and water conditions, including glassy water. The seaplane configuration will be ready for training by mid-February 2018.

When complemented by a Twin Otter flat panel trainer device, the FFS provides Pacific Sky Aviation the ability to offer operators a selection of Twin Otter training, including initial, recurrent, differences and upgrade courses.

Pacific Sky Aviation has already completed courses on the simulator for two customers to date and is reserving simulator training slots for customers well into 2018.

Michael Coughlin, Pacific Sky Aviation’s CEO, commented, “This is the result of several years of hard work and brain power from brilliant aviation professionals at Viking, Pacific Sky, TRU Simulation, Honeywell and the National Research Council of Canada.”