Formerly Resource Group’s Symbiotic Performance Solutions division, Blakebrook company Symbiotics is now working with MHS Assessments in its use of MindQ, a clinically validated mental wellbeing risk assessment.

Symbiotics says the fact studies suggest 1 in 6 adults are experiencing a mental health condition at any one time means, in an aviation context, that approximately 114,000 pilots could currently be experiencing a mental health condition.

The MindQ assessment aims to identify who is at risk within global aviation businesses and airlines so individuals can be directed to the appropriate resources and support to improve their mental wellbeing. Working alongside Symbiotics’ ADAPT suite of industry-leading selection and assessment tools, MindQ allows clients to exceed the IATA compliance criteria whilst supporting the mental wellbeing of their team.

Principal Occupational Psychologist at Symbiotics, Karen Moore, will be speaking on this subject in detail at the Asian Aviation Education and Training Symposium (AAETS) from 7-8 March in Seoul.