Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS) has had its ‘Prince Bernard’ DC-3 simulator certified as an FTD-2 by the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority (Dutch CAA) on behalf of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Previously certified as an FNPT II, MPS’ DC-3 simulator has now achieved the highest certification level possible for a fixed base simulator (equivalent to a Federal Aviation Administration Level 6/7) and is the only certified DC-3 simulator in the world.

Dick Verburg, President and CEO of MPS, explains, “Our MPS team has worked for many years on the development of this simulator and this FTD-2 certification is the final milestone for us. We are delighted that we can now train DC-3 pilots, since we have operator status. This will make a substantial contribution to flight safety for this unique class of aircraft. We’d like to thank the DDA and our sponsors for the effective and close cooperation to achieve this.” "This simulator fills a training need that has existed in classic aviation for a long time,” commented Tom van Hoorn, Chief Flight Instructor and TRI at DDA Classic Airlines. “The fidelity of the simulator is amazing. It even includes a functional circuit breaker panel and rotating, full controllable propellers in the visual system. The realism of the flying and of the systems makes this an incredible training tool. The simulator has over 70 failure scenarios that can be selected, enabling a level of training that was not possible in the past.”