Kiel, Germany-headquartered software provider MINT Software Systems has reached its 20th anniversary following the introduction of its MINT Training Management System (MINT TRMS), which is now used by more than 60 aviation companies worldwide. MINT Software Systems began operations in 1998 and is now a recognised provider of training and qualification management software for the aviation industry. Lufthansa Technik and SAS Technic became early adopters of MINT Software Systems’ offerings and still use the company’s products to this day. “We are thrilled to see our company moving into its 20th year of operations,” declared Jörg Latteier, Managing Director of MINT Software Systems. “Our success is based on the commitment of our dedicated and growing team of employees and our fantastic customer community, some of which are using our system since we had started back in 1998. These long-term customer relations make us extremely proud and prove to me that we were obviously taking some good decisions during the past 20 years of product development.

“I am happy to say that we will continue to deliver the expected product quality and service to our customers in the coming years and I am very excited for future enhancements that our product engineers still have in their sleeves,” Latteier concluded.

MINT Software Systems recently secured a new contract with Air Canada.