On 6 March, Netherlands-based AVION celebrated the inauguration of the Simliner flight training centre in Luqa, Malta, which has become the first to operate the new AVION Phantom 320 level D full flight simulator (FFS).

The FFS was qualified by EASA for level-D operations in November 2017. It will now be used by Simliner Malta for professional flight training like MCC, JOC, Type Qualifications and TRI courses.

Simliner Malta is the first of a series of flight training centres to be set up across the globe which intend to use the ´plug-and-fly´ FFS for professional flight training purposes.

Bart Slager, CEO of the AVION Group, declared, “The introduction of our AVION Phantom Airbus A320 FFS marks an important step in our intentions to offer profitable turnkey solutions, combining our Simulator and Training products at our customer’s home-base with an appropriate financial solution. Our Phantom 320 offers a new and revolutionary money-saving future to both airlines and to flight training centres!”