UFA, Inc. (UFA) has delivered its ATTower tower simulator to the University of Massachusetts – Amherst (UMass Amherst).

The ATTower system consists of a 7-channel simulator with three controller working positions (Local, Ground and Radar), three pseudo pilot positions and one instructor/data preparation position.

UMass researchers will use ATTower’s features and application programming interface (API) to support a variety of transportation research projects. The API allows such information as traffic, weather and flight plan data to be integrated with external systems or other simulators. For example, this interface can be used to integrate a flight simulator or air traffic tools such as ground radar, electronic flight strips or weather/information displays.

Professor Michael Knodler, Director of the UMass Transportation Centre, explained, “The UFA Tower Simulator is another example of the interests and commitment the UMass engineering faculty have shown over five decades to employ innovative technologies to conduct cutting edge transportation systems research and education activities to make transportation in the U.S. safer and more efficient.”

Elsehwhere, UFA was recently shortlisted for an award for the ATC training it conducted at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.