CPaT Global has been selected by ABX Air to provide tailored Distance Learning Solutions for its pilot training needs. The carrier will employ CPaT’s Learning Management System (LMS) to provide classroom and mobile training for its Boeing 767 pilots.

Captain Greg Darrow, CPaT Global’s VP Sales and Marketing, stated, “ABX Air has implemented CPaT’s advanced Distance Learning Solutions for its Boeing B767 systems courses and Interactive Classroom Diagrams, LMS tools and dynamic exam generator system.”

Captain Mike Woodford, Manager of Flight Standards and Training for ABX Air, commented, “It’s important for ABX Air to provide our pilots with the very best training tools while also managing costs. CPaT has created custom distance learning courses for us that meet both of those requirements. CPaT provides ABX Air with the ability to utilise its tailored aircraft systems and general subjects courses while also allowing us to upload our own content onto the CPaT LMS.”

CPaT Global also recently announced new contracts to provide its Distance Learning Solutions to carriers including EgyptAir and Icelandair.