Scandinavian Aviation Academy (SAA) is changing its name to OSM Aviation Academy as well as doubling its existing fleet and opening a new training location in Arendal, Norway.

“Hundreds of pilots have earned their wings at SAA, which has trained professional pilots since 1963,” commented Olof Bärve, CEO of OSM Aviation Academy. “It is natural for us to move forward under the common name of OSM Aviation Academy, since we are redefining ourselves with the inclusive ‘airline-ready pilot’ concept and growing to meet the rising global demand for pilots by expanding our operations to Norway.”

The ‘airline-ready pilot’ concept offers students flight training followed by permanent employment as a pilot with OSM Aviation.

After a two-year integrated first officer programme, which covers the certificates and ratings required to fly for an international commercial airline, students take the necessary specialisations tailored to the requirements of the airlines they are to fly for.

In less than five years, OSM Aviation has grown from zero to 5,500 employees, including 1,500 pilots. OSM Aviation is currently present in 18 different countries and its airline customers include Norwegian, Finnair, Thomas Cook and Condor.

“Students at OSM Aviation Academy will be given a job offer with us at the onset of their training, making this a lucrative and comprehensive career path,” declared Espen Høiby, CEO of OSM Aviation. “We already have a number of international airlines as customers, so we have the best preconditions for providing attractive and exciting jobs for our students.”

OSM Aviation acquired a 51% stake in SAA in October 2017.