TAG Aviation Asia has opened a new training centre in Hong Kong, becoming the first corporate management company in the Asia Pacific region to offer training services that include a physical Airbus A320 over-wing exit door trainer.

The trainer was built by EDM to airline specifications and TAG Aviation Asia is in the process of gaining certification for its use as an approved aviation training device. It is available for third party training.

As part of TAG Aviation Asia’s safety training syllabus, participants – including third parties – will have the opportunity to remove the 19.5KG over-wing exit and practice evacuations based on emergency situations and realistic training scenarios.

Elsewhere, a tailor-made aircraft galley and table mock-up has been installed at the training facility to provide trainees with a realistic silver service experience to refine their inflight service skills.

EDM already has a strong presence in Asia, catering to commercial carriers such as China Eastern Airlines and Cathay Pacific.