CPaT Global has been selected by Czech Airlines to provide tailored distance learning solutions for its pilot training needs. Czech Airlines will employ CPaT's Learning Management System (LMS) to provide CBT courses and interactive diagrams for its Airbus A330 pilots.

Capt. Greg Darrow, CPaT Global's VP of Sales and Marketing stated: "Czech Airlines has implemented CPaT's advanced distance learning solutions for their Airbus A330 crews. They have begun to implement the A330 course tailored to their cockpit configurations, along with LMS tools like the dynamic exam generator system and the Airbus A330 interactive classroom diagrams."

Capt. Jan Kotzina, Czech's Training Manager commented: "We like that CPaT allows us to upload our own materials to the system, so now our own materials can be assigned, tracked and is accessible using any device both on or offline. We control this system: can quickly blend our content with theirs to create unique training curricula when we require it."

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