Saab has welcomed the launch of a White Paper by the Digital Aviation Research & Technology Centre (DARTeC) and has announced its involvement in the Centre's research.

The launch by DARTeC on July 17, 2018, of a White Paper titled "Addressing the digital aviation challenge" announced the five primary research challenges that the Centre will tackle when it opens in early 2020. The Centre is located at Cranfield University.

The new Digital Aviation Research & Technology Centre's aspiration is to be a world-class centre for the development of cross-sector digital integration solutions. DARTeC is funded by a consortium of leading aerospace and aviation companies and Research England, as a £67 million investment for state of the art facilities.

Participation in DARTeC is an opportunity for Saab to show its commitment to the UK's thriving research market. Collaborating with DARTeC offers Saab a chance to develop interesting research opportunities both for the UK home market as well as a base to export new products and solutions abroad.