ACT Airlines signed an agreement to implement Flyco Group’s Competency based E-Training (CompBT) for its flight crew. Flyco’s new CompBT works as a two-stage training and knowledge assessment system.

It provides a pre-evaluation function on any courseware, allowing the system to obtain data on the overall knowledge of an individual crew member on any given subject course in Flyco’s E-library. It’s algorithm automatically customizes the training required for each user by re-calculating and administering the course content to address areas where a knowledge gap is observed in the findings of the pre-test.

By going through CompBT training, ACT Airline’s training department will learn the weaknesses and knowledge gaps of each crew member, whereas traditional methods used in E-learning only give access to pass/fail data.

The new method will let ACT’s Air training department steer away from a traditional plan where each crew member receives identical training material; instead the trainers can focus on individual competencies of crew members by auto-customization.

The data obtained by the Flyco CompBT system will be analyzed by Flyco’s Advanced Reports System (ARS), which will let the training department observe, track and assess the individual performance statistics as well as year-on-year training performances of its crew. It can also be used at other stages of training also, such as the Evidence based Training (EBT) and Advanced Training Qualification Program (ATQP).