Advanced Simulation Technology (ASTi) completed sound and communication system updates in five MD-11 simulators for a large cargo operator using the ASTi Telestra. The Telestra is a Level D sound and communications system installed in more than 100 commercial full-flight simulators (FFSs).

The MD-11 simulators included three Level D-certified FFSs and two flight training devices from the early ‘90s. The original system was difficult to maintain, causing several lost training sessions. ASTi engineers developed a custom interface panel that preserved the simulator's original cabling, reducing simulator downtime and risk for the update.

Telestra's spectral analysis toolkit, real-time sound manipulation and new automatic loudspeaker equalization feature simplified Level D tuning on the FFS. Automatic equalization uses the simulator’s existing equipment to automatically generate filters to ensure a flat frequency response for each of its speakers – and also makes replacing speakers easier and faster. Facility technical personnel can equalize speakers without audio expertise, eliminating the need for ASTi engineers to travel on site.