FlightSafety International won contracts for Bell TH-57 Aircrew Training Services and a Boeing C-17 Aircrew Training System.

FlightSafety is the prime contractor for the TH-57 Aircrew Training Services program. FlightSafety will deliver instruction and Contractor Logistics Support and manage the replacement of the current training devices. The Level 6 and Level 7 Flight Training Devices, Image Generators, visual databases and projectors are scheduled to enter service in February 2019. The flight training will be provided to the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard and international students

Boeing awarded the C-17 Aircrew Training System contract to FlightSafety to support the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command. The work will be performed at 15 U.S. Air Force locations and the Royal Australian Air Force base in Amberley, Australia. The contract includes program management, aircrew instruction and courseware development, as well as on-site support and upgrades for the training devices and visual systems. As the manufacturer of the C-17 Weapon Systems Trainers that are currently in service, FlightSafety will ensure that upgrades and improvements to the aircraft are incorporated into the training program and systems.