The Pegasus Flight Training Center in Istanbul, Turkey selected SIMORG’s, eXperience as a Service (eXaaS) end-to-end software solution that integrates and manages all of the processes of flight-training centers. Pegasus will use the software to strengthen its standards of compliance and safety, forecast capacity sales performance in real-time and maintain Flight Simulation Training Device Qualification (FSTD) levels.

The software features an FSTD Terminal Screen and Planning & Scheduling, Configuration Control, FSTD Maintenance, Defect Management, Spare Parts Management, Interruption Tracking, QTG Tracking and Compliance Monitoring functions for overall management and control on all flight-training-center processes.

SIMORG’s Managing Director, Mustafa Koroglu says the goal of the software is to operate the day-to-day management burdens of a flight-training center in a systematic solution and for the software to be a digital transformation partner that helps companies with operational efficiency, growth and aviation safety.