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The Royal Aeronautical Society’s annual International Flight Crew Training Conference, which takes place in London from 25-26 September, is focused on addressing the changes occurring in training programmes as they move from task-and-hour-based to output-and-competency-based training.

The conference will reflect on the Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBTA) across the commercial aviation and rotorcraft industries, and how technology and a better understanding of human interactions has facilitated change and provided a radically new approach to training.

Presentations and panel sessions will inform and enlighten, as speakers impart their knowledge of the new era, ensuring delegates stay up-to-speed with the industry and letting flight crews receive the very best training and assessment.

Concluding with an open forum, every delegate will have the opportunity to table proposals to progress relevant work, and regardless of their role, delegates will have a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders, discuss the issues and influence the work required to resolve the situations.

View the conference programme details and reserve a spot here.