The IFA Aviation Training Center in São Domingos de Rana, Portugal acquired an Alsim ALX simulator as part of its modernization strategy.

The Alsim ALX acquired by the IFA is an EASA CS-FSTD A-FNPT II MCC simulator, which allows to replace flight hours per simulated flight hours in the PPL, CPL-Time, IR-ME courses -up to 40 hours- and MCC. In MPL courses its use covers Phases 1 and 2 for a total of 135 hours.

IFA’s Marketing Director, Luis Giraldes says the simulator is “An essential training tool that enables students to acquire skills in a wide variety of aircraft, ranging from single-engine and twin-engine to analog or digital panel, as well as specific models such as the ATR Cessna Citation and Airbus 320.”

The ALX has many advantages, Giraldes says, because it trains cadets with maneuvers and emergencies that are difficult to recreate in real aircraft, exposes them to scenarios that will develop their decision-making capabilities and allows them to continue repeating exercises until a desired proficiency is achieved.

The simulator’s setup and installation is scheduled for December 2019, after the Portuguese National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) certifies it. The flight simulator will be operational in the beginning of January 2019 and will be used in two of the IFA’s Integrated ATPL courses.