ACCEL Flight Simulation and Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) entered a strategic alliance agreement to collaborate on increasing simulator capabilities for training pilots in China and giving CAUC access to leading-edge technologies for their teaching and research programs.

This partnership provides a frame work for collaborating in various areas of flight simulation technology and learning. ACCEL brings the advantage of being a local company to the agreement, and will use its expertise in flight simulation to provide CAUC students with professional training on simulation research and development.

CAUC will work with ACCEL to advance its programs of simulation concept, aviation technology, and pilot training skills – and, ultimately to improve aviation safety in China.

“This strategic partnership between CAUC and ACCEL not only brings direct benefits to the students at CAUC, but also supports the national strategy of “High Quality Aviation Industry Development” in a real way,” said ACCEL General Manager, David Kong.