Stratos Jet Charters, a private jet charter located in Orlando, Florida, launched a $2,000 Stratos scholarship program for up-and-coming student-pilots to help with the pilot shortage and lessen students’ financial burdens.

Students must be on track to an aviation career, enrolled or in transition to a college or university within the U.S. and have a 3.0 GPA. Applications must include an essay on the implications of the pilot shortage.

Joel Thomas, president and CEO of Stratos says, “Part of our challenge will be in promoting private aviation and letting pilots and flight schools know that there is plenty of opportunity in our industry.”

Thomas’ experience as a pilot has shown him how expensive pilot-training can be, and he notes that commercial pilot-training can often exceed $100,000. Thomas believes that initiatives such as the company’s scholarship program will continue to attract skilled pilots to the jet charter industry.

Applications for the scholarship program must be submitted to by May 1, 2019.