ACS Flight Training in Perth, Scotland acquired two Piper PA-28 diesel aircraft that increases the number of Piper PA-28 aircraft in its fleet of training and self hire aircraft.

Louise Ewart, director at ACS Flight Training says the aircraft have glass cockpits and include Garmin G430 and G500 systems. They are modern, fuel efficient, quiet, run on Jet A1 fuel rather than Avgas, and also run on a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system.

The aircraft will be used for CPL (commercial pilot license) flight training, trial flying lessons and self hire, Ewart says, and “Students wishing to fly these new aircraft must undertake some differences in training to become accustomed to the FADEC and Garmin systems. We will be using these aircraft for CPL flight training, trial flying lessons and self hire. The aircraft also have an 800nm range and 11 hours endurance for those wishing to hire the aircraft on longer trips.”