Alsim delivered an AL42 simulator to Skyborne, a new UK airline training academy based at Gloucestershire Airport, founded by three leading figures in aviation training; CEO Tom Misner, an aviation training entrepreneur; CEO Lee Woodward, previously business development director at CTC Aviation and COO Ian Cooper, former operations director at CAE.

The founders’ see Skyborne adopting a fresh approach to pilot training with a focus on quality and individual aptitude. The company selected the Alsim AL42 Simulator, it says, to ensure only the highest standards of teaching, safety and relevant airline-style training is offered.

Alsim’s AL42 Simulator has an extensive database that reproduces different scenarios and flying conditions, exposing the cadet to real-life situations, vital for developing the quick decision-making skills needed in the cockpit, according to Cooper, who says, “It is also an exact replica of the DA42, which makes the transition to the Diamond, the aircraft we train in, a much more seamless experience.”