Euramec, a European provider of advanced flight simulation solutions, opened a Research and Development (R&D) Center in Hangzhou, China to design custom-made flight simulation and aviation training devices for the Chinese aerospace market. In June, Euramec won the Startup STAR Program Award from the Hangzhou City Jianggan District Council to set up the R&D center, which is supported by the Hangzhou Municipal Government as part of its China Innovation-Drive Strategy.

Euramec will offer design and production services to aircraft manufacturers requiring custom-made Flight Simulation Devices (FTD) for flight training and flight simulation, crew and maintenance training programs and for engineering purposes. The center will be used to design and create FTDs for the Civil Aviation market and general aviation, and will include the Ultra Light aircraft (ULM).

The ULMs are lightweight, 2-seat fixed-wing aircraft that are equipped with avionics, which Euramec says, makes them inexpensive to purchase and maintain.