Moody Aviation selected Frasca International to provide three reconfigurable Advanced Aviation Training Devices (AATDs) for Moody’s flight training facility at Felts Field in Spokane, Washington, which will replace its three previous Frasca units.

The AATDs will feature Frasca's Simplicity™ IOS instructor station and TruVision™ visual system with 210-by-10 degree projected display system. They will simulate the flight and systems characteristics of the Cessna 172R, Cessna R182 and the Cessna U206G. The avionics will feature the same operational characteristics; look and feel of the equipment installed in the aircraft, which consists of the PS Engineering PMA8000 audio panel, dual Garmin GTN650 GPS/NAV/COMs, Garmin GTX345 ADSB transponder and S-Tec System 55X autopilot. A Garmin Engine Information System will deliver engine monitoring for each model.

The 172R and R182 aircraft models will include a reconfigurable pilot instrument panel equipped with the Garmin G500TXi primary flight display and the L3 ESI-500, which will serve as the backup flight display system. The U206G pilot instrument panel will be equipped with the six pack of primary flight instruments letting students learn both traditional and glass instrument presentations. Students can compare pitch attitude to the Alpha System Eagle/Valkyrie AOA display to learn the “angle of attack.”

Moody's training curriculum will include 10 – 20 hours of instruction in the simulators prior to training in the corresponding aircraft, giving students a cost-effective introduction to aircraft systems, procedures and flight characteristics.