Coptersafety, a helicopter training service provider, will run a 2-day Maintenance Check Flight (MCF) course to help helicopter operators and maintenance service providers meet the new requirements and regulations for MCF operations that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) will introduce in 2019. The first MCF course will take place at Coptersafety’s training facility next to Helsinki Airport, Finland, in January 2019.

The Coptersafety MCF course is fully compliant with the 2019 EASA regulations, and the syllabus is intended to go beyond minimum EASA standards to minimize operational costs and hazards. It will consist of a ground course and device training in a Level D full-flight simulator, tailored for AW139 and H145 helicopter types. The course is designed for current and future MCF pilots and helicopter operators and technicians at helicopter maintenance service providers in EASA member states in Europe. The Coptersafety MCF course includes the opportunity for operators to send one technician for free to the same course per each attending pilot.

“The rationale for EASA to establish requirements for maintenance check flights is that the lack of specific regulations on the conduct of these flights has contributed to accidents or serious incidents in the past,” Mikko Dahlman, CEO, Coptersafety, explains. “For us, EASA’s upcoming MCF standards are just a starting point to look into the operations of a safe and secure Maintenance Check Flight. Our operator customers do not want to take the easy way out, why would we?”