Euramec, the European provider of advanced flight simulation solutions, announced at its Hangzhou R&D Center that it will roll out China’s first international certified online flight operations platform for the growing Chinese aerospace market.

Aircraft operators will have access to an end-to-end aircraft management solution through mobile devices, tablets and web browsers as a result of a recently signed agreement between Euramec and Skylegs.

The Skylegs online flight operations platform is a cloud-based centralized data hub that integrates real-time operational and planning data; all business and governance rules and extensive volumes of data on aircraft, crew and passengers. Then the data is modeled and optimized.

The result is a set of compliant, potential schedules for aircraft, crew and passengers that is executed within minutes rather than hours.

Skylegs’ modules are built by pilots for pilots. The modular set up includes:

  • Scheduling with automatic flight time limitation calculations and smart crew rostering.
  • Operations with document control, Electronic Flight Bag, movement messages and live flight data.
  • Training with crew record keeping, qualification management and course scheduling.
  • Sales with quotation, Client Resource Management and invoicing.
  • Safety Management System with reporting, investigation and risk assessment tools.
  • Compliance checklists, galleries and task managers.
  • Predictive maintenance and electronic logbook.
  • Pilot logbook.
The Euramec Skylegs solution is offered to operators of executive business aviation, general aviation, air charter, aerial work (specialized services such as agriculture, construction, photography, surveying, observation and patrol, search and rescue) and other aircraft operators in China.

The Euramec Skylegs Online Flight Operations Platform is certified by several Civil Aviation Authorities within EMEA, most of them incorporating aviation regulations like European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Euramec CEO Bert Buyle: "We are now deploying the next generation of flight management solutions for China from our R&D Center in Hangzhou. The localized Skylegs platform will fit seamlessly with Chinese aerospace standards and will set a new standard in the market.”

Skylegs will be available in mid-2019.