Conair has purchased from entrol an AT-802 FTD Level 2 simulator. It will be installed in Conair’s new Aerial Wildfire Training Center (AWTC) in Canada.

The Training Center will house a number of FTDs used for aircraft transition training and mission-based aerial firefighting. The center is the first of its kind in Canada and will be the largest in the world when completed.

The simulator's cockpit will be adjusted to Conair’s AT-802 Fire Boss configuration. It will be equipped with real avionics such as the KAWAK throttle quadrant and the real RDS used by Conair to increase the realism in training.

Conair’s Standards Pilot Manager, Mark Baird explains why they chose entrol: “Entrol is recognized as an expert in simulator design and production. We were impressed with the quality of the AT-802 FTD and realized it would fit perfectly into our training philosophy here at Conair.”

“Our Training Center will be at the leading edge of technology for Aerial Firefighting and we are happy to partner with entrol for this venture,” he explains.

The simulator features a 180-by-40 degree cylindrical visual system with three Full HD projectors, a high-resolution database of Canada, a vibration system and firefighting mission scenarios.