AVIOMAR, within the framework of its expansion policy, announced the development and construction of an airline full flight simulator (FFS) training centre north of Rome, in Monterotondo.

The new facility, which is scheduled to become operational in the first quarter of 2019, will have a surface of more than 2,500 square meters and will be in close proximity to AVIOMAR headquarters. It will have:

  • 3 full flight simulator bays including an A320 FFS.
  • 3 classrooms equipped with advanced teaching and training aids technology.
  • 6 briefing and debriefing rooms.
  • A recreation area.
  • Maintenance monitor offices.
“We remain focused to improve our training facilities with state-of-the-art aviation equipment to enable us to provide aviation services of excellence. The opening of the new training facility, as part of our customer support strategy, aims to provide Airline customers with one-site training solutions and increase airline training capacity,” stated Head of Training, Capt. Riccardo Marano.

Chief Instructor, Capt. Claudio Poce also added, “This new investment will also act as an economic catalyst for the area since it will attract customers from all over the globe.”